Samia Tawil is a Rock/Soul singer-songwriter with powerful songs. Songs of Freedom.

Her music could be described as a rich blend between the sexiness of Lenny Kravitz’s vintage Funk/Rock and the power and eloquence of strong female pop-rockers such as Alanis Morisette or Skunk Anansie, all of whom were part of her childhood influences. Blending powerful rock and sensual soul with a touch of funky brass, Samia Tawil’s music blurs musical genres, rooted as it is in the heritage of great artists of a generation which marked its epoch.

Her music is also deeply influenced by her African roots, and by the various musical genres and languages Samia came to be immersed in throughout her life, by living in Brazil, in Lebanon, or in Morocco. This makes Samia Tawil’s rock a very unique mix of influences, and a poetic and rebellious testimony for social justice.

Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1984 of a Moroccan mother and a Syrian/Swiss father, Samia Tawil has been immersed in music since an early age, be it rock, soul or African/Arabic music. Her mother being a poetic novelist, Samia Tawil discovered at an early age her passion for writing and words: poignant, rebel, indignant words, which soon led her to songwriting, in a desire to put to music her rebellious poetryand colorful multicultural universe. She perfected her musical knowledge with classes in singing and music theory, developing a repertoire of compositions which caught the eye of a New York-based production company, with whom she recorded some of her songs and performed on stage at the early age of 14, including on the French TV show “Hit Machine”, in Paris, sharing the stage with Björk and Sheryl Crow.

Samia has also been professionally involved in dance, performing with the dance troupes of such artists as Janet Jackson in Vancouver. Combining her experience as a modern jazz and oriental belly dancer in several important concerts and her experience as a singer, Samia best expresses the whole spectrum of her art on stage and captivates her audience…

After her contract came to an end, she decided to take on new musicians who would be better suited to her increasingly “rock” style. With that band, her music took on new force, becoming a unique fusion of soul, rock and hints of African Gnawa music, performing at numerous concerts and festivals across Europe.

At the end of 2013, Samia put out her first album, “Freedom is now”, which she first performed live on the prestigious stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival, and which reflects all the power and duality of Samia Tawil’s sound: the pulse and strength of rock music blended with the mystery and emotion of vintage soul music and deep lyrics, with, here and there, subtle hints of Moroccan/Middle earstern sounds. This musical mix, which makes Samia Tawil such a unique artist, enriched with her hypnotic stage performances, attracted the curiosity of a widespread audience, leading her album to reach gold in Switzerland – A true achievement for an album she had independently produced and released.

She was also soon to be chosen to open for the legendary blues singer Beth Hart.

Since the release of her album, Samia Tawil also performed on the great stage of the Tanjazz Festival in Tangiers, sharing the stage with Nikki Hill and Ablae Cissoko, and on the international stage of the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, sharing the stage with artists such as Robert Plant, or more recently, Christina Aguilera, playing in front of 80’000 people.

Samia Tawil has become a respected artist in Europe, and a true star in her country of origin, Morocco, where she’s considered to be the first female rocker and a true model for the new generation of musicians; an artist who dared crossing boundaries.